First impressions?

Sunset over Australia from 11,500 metres up.

Well, the first impression of New Zealand has to do with the people: they’re all so darned congenial. Several times at the airport someone said “Welcome to New Zealand”.

I think I was kind of expecting us to be treated a bit like lepers since we were arriving from Covid-Island (the UK) but the reality has surprised us.

Even the immigration folks at the airport were really friendly. Something you don’t even get from fellow countrymen when returning from holiday back to the UK.

Our new landlady has offered to introduce to friends who know people and things and even the army staff (running the quarantine here) do so with a smile and a helpful attitude.

If this is the way folks are down here then it’s no small wonder that so many people want to come to New Zealand.

I don’t mind telling you that it’s a bit disconcerting, when you come from the UK, to be confronted with such a pleasantly different attitude.

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  1. Do we get more news blog / clips from the New Zealand adventure? Like to hear more of what life is like in New Zealand.

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