I’ve fallen off the blogging wagon but no need to panic

At the beginning of November I made a decision to write at least one blog post each week. All went well for the first five weeks and then things seemed to get a little hectic and I’ve missed a few.

The thing about it is that I’d got into the habit of doing it on Wednesday evening and, even though this will sound a little nerdy, I’ve even put it into my calendar as a recurring event at 8pm. So every Wednesday, at 7pm, I’d get a text and an email reminding me that I’m scheduled to write.

Now this may sound a little excessive but scheduling things that need to be done, even though they could be done at almost any time, gives you a much better chance if getting stuff done.

If it wasn’t in my calendar and if I hadn’t received the reminders then it’s quite likely that I would have forgotten about writing on a weekly basis. Now that I’m in the habit of writing (and I still get the regular reminders) it means that I don’t forget and even start to get a little frustrated if I’ve not written anything for that week.

Even better is that, because I know that I’ve scheduled the time to write weekly, it makes me start to think more about writing and I have begun to think about different stuff I can write about.

So if you want to get regular stuff done, why not use a calendar or reminder system to give you a better chance of not only remembering but also actually getting it done?


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