Taking risks rarely kills anyone but can lead to good things

I tried to warn them, really I did.

Was at a party on a Saturday night and asked the entertainer if he could sing Cole Porter’s Night and Day. He said he’d be happy to but when he got up there to sing it he invited me to join him.

And that was a problem.

You see, I’d not sung the song for ages and, whilst I could remember most of the words, I couldn’t remember where they went in the song.

In an attempt to save myself, I asked the audience if they thought I should give it a go and they (almost all) shouted yes.

I was risking making a public fool of myself but, then again, I’ve done that a few times before. And I’m not that shy of taking risks usually.

I was a wee bit nervous but decided to give it a go and enjoyed it thoroughly, despite misplacing a few lyrics.

But, despite my initial reservations, the experience was painless and a few people told me that I’d done a good job (or were they just humouring me?)

So, if there’s a lesson to be learned here it’s this: 

You’ll never live life without risk but, if you can face the possibility of a bit of public foolery, you might just have a good time.

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