Think differently – Eat Pudding First

On Friday last week I went to the Skills Brokers Association’s Convention at the National Motorcycle Museum near the NEC (more on that on the next post).

During the lunch break I was one of the last people to reach the serving area and was not happy about having to stand in a long queue to be given a plate of sweet and sour chicken. My stomach was growling and I didn’t fancy the (estimated) 15 minute wait.

Then I realised that there was a whole table of puddings with nobody to guard them. So I dashed over and grabbed a decent slice of very tasty chocolate sponge cake.

This then left me free to sit down and eat something and start networking with other delegates over lunch.

As you can imagine I got a few funny looks (and comments) but I didn’t care, my appetite was satiated. Not only that but I was able to get sweet and sour without having to wait in any queues – problem solved.

So, is there a moral to this story?

Absolutely! And it’s this:

Just because there’s a queue it doesn’t mean that there isn’t a short cut. You just have to think a little differently from the crowd.

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