Was the Olympics worth the expense?

Was the  London 2012 Olympics worth the expense? Have a think about this:

In the last 16 days I’ve:was the olympics worth the expense?

  • cried tears of joy
  • cried tears of sadness
  • welled up with overwhelming inspiration
  • rooted for random competitors
  • cheered
  • boo’ed
  • shouted
  • thrown my hands in the air
  • been dumbstruck with amazement
  • been proud to be British
  • been ashamed of being British
  • shared emotional experiences with people I’ll, most likely, never meet
  • lost count of the number of times I’ve said “WOW!”
  • been outraged
  • watched sports that I have no normal interest in
  • been lifted
  • been let down
  • shown my unconditional support for Team GB
  • And loads more besides…

That’s just a short list of what the Olympics has done for me in the last two and a bit weeks. And I know I’m not alone on this whole emotional rollercoaster that we, as a nation, have been on.

So if anyone asks me whether it was all worth the price tag, an estimate 11 billion pounds (£11,000,000,000), my answer is a resounding “YES, it was worth every penny!” “YES, I think the Olympics was worth the expense!”


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