Whose bright idea was this?

So, it all started with a message from a friend through linkedin in the middle of 2019 to my other half, Emma, that went something like this “fancy working in New Zealand”.

Not saying it was a total coincidence (largely because lots of “coincidences” have happened in my life) but it did take us by surprise since we’d not long discussed the idea of moving somewhere overseas. Canada was an option.

So, Emma followed it up and the offer was genuine and after 18 months of paperwork and waiting (9 of which was caused by Covid restrictions) we landed in Auckland on 1st January 2021 to begin a new chapter in Aotearoa (land of the long white cloud).

Now, I have to admit that the last 18 months have felt like a long time. Emma was due to fly out on the 31st March 2020 but NZ closed the borders on 28th so, after quitting her job, we were stuck here. She had no job and no idea when we’d be able to fly out.

But, after plenty of shenanigans with visas, immigration awkwardness, booking managed quarantine and flights we finally made it out of the UK the day before B-Day (Brexit) and a few days before the UK was put back into full lockdown by the inept government.

Phew, the timing couldn’t have been better.

So, at 10:30 on 31st Dec, we took off with 125 kg of luggage (the spare kitchen sink might yet come in handy) for around 25 hours of travel.

I think I watched 5 films on the plane, including Dr Zhivago (I’d never seen it all, that Lara was such a floozy), Black Klansman (well worth a watch), Les Miserables (well done Huge Wossisname, who knew Russel Crowe could sing?, I might have shed a tear at the end of this one), Be Water (bio-doc of Bruce Lee), and a 6 part doc on the McDonalds Monopoly scam (which I knew nothing about).

So, just after 11pm on New Year’s day we landed at Auckland and were driven to a hotel in the centre of the city and that’s where we are until the 15th.

Central Australia. This red earth goes on for hundreds of miles, why would anyone want to live there? Especially considering the fact that almost all of the wildlife wants to kill you!!!

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