Yet more ideas but not enough time

I often get very frustrated by the fact that I’m good at coming up with ideas but I’ve had to realise that I just don’t have enough time to make them happen.

The good news is that my new website has been picked up by Google and has started attracting some traffic. Even better is that I’ve started to put together a team to develop the site and it’s content.

Workwise things are going very well.

I’ve been writing content for the company’s new website and also trying to get some decent articles together for the newsletter. One of the biggest challenges is not that I’m having drive half an hour each to work for someone else, it’s that it takes a while to get decisions and get things done.

My website has been doing overtime winning traffic and developing leads, which is quite exciting. I’m in the process of redeveloping the site and moving it onto a content management system (CMS) called Drupal.

Later this year I’m going to start selling my training products online, which should be a good way to bring my business.

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