Quarantine: not like jail at all?

OK, so being in Covid quarantine in New Zealand is a little odd. We all kinda dream of living in a hotel with food on tap and never having to do housework. But the reality is somewhat different.

Well, the quarantine version is different anyway.

Bit of a view from the hotel courtyard. The old Town Hall in the foreground and the Sky Tower over yonder.

First off, we’re not allowed out of the room except to visit the hotel courtyard or go out on the bus to walk around a special quarantine field (kinda reminds me of the the old American jail stereotype). To be honest, it looked like a sheep pen and if I’d eaten some grass while there I might have felt that sheep-like experience.

Having said that, even though we were escorted by a couple of army guys they were quite cheerful about it. But it was obvious that this was a boring assignment; watching a load of foreigners wander around a field for 45 minutes in 25 degrees sunshine.

But Auckland seems lovely, very clean and tidy and even traffic seems well-behaved by British standards.

One of the definitely cool things about being in quarantine is that we have loads of sky sports channels and, since rugby is almost like a national religion here, over the weekend there were loads of rugby matches on. English Premiership, French Top 14 and South African Currie Cup. So, despite that fact that we’re 12,000 miles away, we got to watch the Leicester Tigers play. And they won too (not seen that in a while).

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