About Karl Craig-West: Business Blog Writer, Public Speaker, and Website Builder

Business blog writer and public speaker Karl Craig-West
Business blog writer and public speaker Karl Craig-West

Hi, I’m Karl Craig-West, a business blog writer, public speaker and website builder based in Leicester in the UK.

Started off working for KTDR a commercial radio station in South West Texas. Some of my friends say I have a great face for radio, others say that I’ve always had too much to say.

I like to build websites and get a great sense of joy from taking a website idea from concept to creation. So in January 2011 I started Buzz Webs a company which provides website design in Leicestershire and throughout the East Midlands.

I’m also a public speaker , often being asked to speak on marketing tools or how to become more effective as a person in business.

I’m also a director of Midlands Advice and Training Services Ltd  which provides time management training, presentation skills training and delegation skills training in the Midlands (as the name suggests). With improved skills in the workplace most businesses end up being more productive and many become more profitable too.

I’m the treasurer of the Leicester City branch of the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB). The FSB is the UK’s largest and most successful small business lobbying organisation in the UK. I must point out that any opinion expressed on this website is my own (or possibly a guest writer) and not necessarily that of the FSB.

I live with Emma and we have 2 kids, Abigail and Matilda. We  have 2 cats (Cosmo and Bilbo) and a growing community of house spiders who do a benevolent job and keep the bug population under control (to be honest, I’m the only one in the house that seems to think this).

I love to exercise and go to the gym on a regular basis and I’m a rugby referee.

As you can imagine, life is very busy but wherever possible I try and make time to do some reading for at least 30 minutes a day. Pretty much wherever I go, I take something to read; mostly non-fiction but I am very partial to Terry Pratchett.

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