Call me old fashioned but…

You might call me old fashioned but there are some things that really ought to be banned in today’s connected society. Especially around the use of mobile phones when in meetings.

call me old fashioned but your phone has an off switch
Call me old fashioned but your phone does have an off switch

My frustration comes about from 2 separate events.

The first of which was a political party’s ‘Listening to Business’ event where this party invited local businesses in to try and work out what would benefit them from a political point of view should they win the next election.

The meeting itself was fine and all of the politicians themselves were very engaged and involved, (which in itself felt somewhat out of character).

But their support staff were a different matter. They were constantly tapping away at their phones, even when they were sitting around the tables as we were discussing matters put to us by the facilitator and the politicians.

And at the very least I felt that it was very rude,  Whether they were texting, emailing, tweeting or simply larking about on Facebook is irrelevant. In my view, if you’re sitting at a table with people (ironically at a listening event) and your phone is obviously more important than those around you it says to me that those you’re sitting with aren’t worth engaging with. You plainly don’t care to listen.

The worst part is that I would have been considered rude if I’d suggested that they put the phone away and pay attention to those they’re meant to be listening to.

If they had been a supplier of mine I would have left the room and found someone another supplier.

The second time was a networking and seminar event.

As usual, my phone was off. But my partner tried calling and left me a snotty message about not answering my phone when she knew that I was at this event.

But what strikes me about this is the assumption that, despite the fact that I’m at an event, I’ll still have my phone set to be able to take calls or respond to text messages.

It’s obvious that many folks today assume that, even though you’re in a meeting or at an event, you’ll still answer the phone.

Well, call me old fashioned but, in my world, that’s just not going to happen. I may not know how to use every app on my phone but I know how and when to use the off button.

Can you relate to this? If so, I’ve love to hear about it so please share in the comments below:

4 thoughts on “Call me old fashioned but…”

    1. It’s a good point Shaun. Maybe we ought to do our best to teach our kids to teach their kids to use their phones with respect (assuming they still have phones by then)?

  1. I totally agree with you Karl. People who do not switch their mobile phones off during meetings are ill mannered and discourteous. It has nothing to do with being old fashioned. It is also annoying when although on “silent” they keep picking the phone up to check it so see if they have a message.

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