Working on another website

Well is almost finished, in fact I have the site’s first proper member. I just need to add a intro to spread betting and finish the user guide and then it’s all about promotion. The traffic is steadily increasing and I’m adding two or three inbound links each week.
So, my next challenge is to redevelop my business website (this one) in Drupal CMS. This will enable me to more easily create content and also give me much greater flexibility with what I’m working on. I’ve already started moving the content over to the development site and I’m almost settled on a design too.
Work-wise things are coming along. We’ve almost decided on the graphic design for the website (even though it’s 6 weeks behind schedule in my opinion) and we’re close finalising the site structure. However, I only have another 9 weeks left to run on my contract and at the current rate the website is unlikely to be finished. I guess time will tell.

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