Episode 44: A New Hope

Just watched Barack Obama’s inauguration speech and I have to confess that I’m very inspired. I found it quite humbling to be able to watch history in the making.

I’m very glad to have heard him speak about the economic and also the environmental work to be done. It was great to hear him speak of the need to make some very difficult decisions to bring about change. But most of all it was just an inspiration to hear him speak of his father who sixty years ago would have struggled to buy a drink in this city (Washington).

I really would like him to succeed in his aim to change the USA and the way it does business, especially around the world. I sincerely hope he brings waste and corruption to account where possible.

However, above all, I hope he can bring a new era of honesty into US presidential politics.

OK, so now I’m done gushing about the new 44th president of the United States.

The thing is, we should never be afraid of change. Change is constantly with us. Heraclitus wrote in 500bc that “There is nothing permanent except change”.

So let’s all hope that change can actually come in the USA and around the world. And let us not be afraid of change when it does come.

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