Happy New Year of the Dragon

Happy Chinese New Year. This is the year of the Dragon. Not sure of what it means for you, or if you believe in horoscopes, but I had to smile when I was sent this (since I was born in the Year of the Monkey):

The Monkey is the sign of the inventor, the improviser and the motivator in the Chinese Zodiac. They are clever, flexible and innovative. They can master anything under the sun and they usually have an aptitude for being good linguists.

No challenge is too great for them and the Monkey will be successful at whatever s/he chooses to do. They like to help and advise people. They can make for successful businessmen, politician and business figures.

They are a bit lazy by nature and sometimes neglect the major issues of life. On the negative side, they have an inborn superiority complex!

Famous people born under the sign: Walter Matthau, Edward Kennedy, Mick Jagger, the Duchess of Windsor, Nelson Rockfeller

2012 for the Monkey: Innovative in spirit, Monkeys get a helping hand in 2012 from the Year of the Dragon. Opportunities for growth are many and doing things for the general good of those around is recommended.

Research/study and taking on activities to push their own personal growth will be on the anvil and prove exciting. With a taste for adventure and their love of partying, Monkeys will be wearing their social hats, throwing many a swanky do or taking trips around the world.

Love for the single Monkeys will be fast, exciting and culminate in relationships towards the year-end. For those in relationships, it might be imperative to keep their channels of communication open as they decide to share personal visions with their mates and re-evaluate long term goals.

In 2012, Monkeys are advised to contain their impatience and their tongues, not interfere with other people or gossip, as they will end up ruining friendships.

Tip of the year: Avoid taking stupid risks as speculation is unwise this year.

2 thoughts on “Happy New Year of the Dragon”

  1. Thanks Karl – I’m a Monkey too! It get’s really complicated when you cross your Western sun sign with your Chinese Animal sign! How you doing? Met you last at 4N – love the Blog!

  2. I was just unpeeling a banana when your post caught my inquisitive monkey eye! So, we monkeys are getting help from the source of Earth energy – Dragon Power – this year and that is good news. Like all monkeys I love to play, party and create and I am glad of the warning not to fiddle or interfere with how someone else wants to experience their life differently from mine. It is something monkeys have to put up with – not every one wants to be a smart (or irritating) as us!! (And yes, monkey egos are best kept in a cage!!). Useful stuff Karl, thanks.

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