new website and new directions?

Well, here it is – my newly designed and developed website. Leave a comment and let me know what you think.

Building the site wasn’t too challenging. What took so long was working out how to import this year’s entries into my blog into my new website. This involved exporting from Blogger into WordPress and then into Drupal, which is the content management system (CMS) that this website is built with.
The CMS makes the management of the site much easier (and quicker) since the software builds the pages and the menu system automatically.

The contract with the pensions company was cut short with about an hour’s notice, not an impressive way to sort things out. The reasons given were that not enough progress had been made and that I wasn’t a good fit with the company. My view is that they hired me to do a job and didn’t want to take on board the expertise and ideas that I tried to bring to the business.
So now I’m looking for some interim work in training or marketing. has been launched and now has several regular members. Not only that but it’s paid for itself already and is continuing to earn a small but regular income from advertising.
I’m now just about to start on a website for Emma,, since she’s looking into going into child-minding if she’s not keen on going back to work after her maternity leave. Even if she does go back to work she can still manage the site and help those involved in the child-caring world with tax and record-keeping.
When that site’s launched I’m going to build a site for a charity in Kettering that helps families of children with Leukaemia.
So, in spite of the fact that I don’t have a great deal of work on at the moment, I’m still very busy.

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