Where’s the money?

With the economy looking like a rendition of Dali’s melting objectscapes, where does the solopreneur turn when the money tide is a long, long way from turning back to the shore?

Do you run to the feet of the ones who have Already Made It and take sage advice for a certain monthly sum?Maybe you’ll head for the hills and the green life style you always promised yourself ? Or, (and worst of all if you  love your autonomy) perhaps you’ll sign up for the Great Job Hunt. Get a salary and get safe.

Feelings of panic in difficult times are natural. Actions following panic (or gloom, despair,or the thought that maybe you should never have been so foolhardy as to try to go it alone) are unlikely to lead in the direction you desire. What to do? Well, recognise the panic and then stop. Stop, stop, stop. Right now. Step back and reflect.

Where does money come from? It comes from great ideas: from giving wonderful service: from following a burning desire to do something with love and passion, fun and/or skill.  Sometimes it comes from people selling trash to people who don’t know any better – but I am talking about a sustainable flow of money.

Because money is an effect, not a cause, and you are cause, it actually comes from (or because of) you. Because of your thoughts, beliefs and actions. The difficulty with trying to get more money is that it is likely  to take your focus away from doing what you are very, very good at. You can fall into the trap of dissipating your energy in the struggle, by scattering your efforts widely – or losing heart and the will to continue.

In times of trouble, I ask myself this question over and over again.

  • “Do I still love what I am doing? Do I care about the people I am serving?”
  • “Is what I am doing, making my product or service even better?”
  • “Am I concentrating enough on creating a compelling message and am I absolutely sure I am doing enough to connect with my current and potential customers?”
  • “Have I got lost in the detail and ended up being an administrator instead of an innovator”.
  • “What do I wish to experience, express, create? What are my desires?

Not goals, desires.  Here’s something to do that you may find sustaining in this awkward time. Partner your desires with the feelings you want to experience by having those desires met, and then write those feelings down. Look at them. Play with feeling them now. Remind yourself that this is what it’s all about – living with those feelings, in that e-state.  Anchor them somehow (I have them as word art on my wall) and make them visible Because money is an effect you will cause it to come to you when you are in alignment with your best and most creative, serving and empowered self. Sir Rich didn’t have any munneh in the beginning did he? He operated out of a public phone box . . . you know the stories as well as I do.  They caused it. So can you, if you are truly doing what you just couldn’t live without doing!

Debs de Vries

“Beyond the Veil” http://thewellnessaudioshop.co.uk/blog


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  1. Karl, thanks for sharing this. It’s so important at those times of panic to remember why we’re doing it; and this post really gives inspiration and reassurance that I have personally chosen the right path!

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