A classic case of shifting priorities

Forgive me father for I have sinned, it’s been a month since I last wrote on my blog.

Normally when I talk with people about blogging I usually recommend writing roughly once a week but lately my own blogging effort has been a little lax.

In all honesty I have little excuse, I’ve had the time to do it, it’s been in my diary to do it, I’ve even had in mind several topics to write on.

So what’s gone wrong?

Well, it’s a classic case of ‘shifting priorities‘.

In other words, I’ve had so many other things on my plate that blogging has fallen by the wayside because those other things seemed to more important at the time.

But here’s where I remember that blogging is important. I had to think about how important blogging is to me and I concluded that I’ve dropped something important.

Blogging enables  me to share some of things I learn in my life and business and this helps other people, it helps my search engine rankings, it improves my profile as a writer and speaker, and it boosts my credibility in my sphere of influence.

Now, the question is: What am I going to do about it now that I’ve reaffirmed how important blogging is?

Well, I’ve re-committed to blogging each week. I’ve brought my blog back up the list of priorities.

So, the lesson from today’s sermon is this: Things in life are constantly changing and your priorities will evolve with it. But when you realise that something important has been neglected it’s rarely too late to pick it up again.

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