For life to get better YOU have to get better

“For life to get better, you have to get better!”

Far too many people sit and wait for life to get better but unless something radical happens the chances of improving life are slim.

This means that something has to change and normally that something is you. Usually, it means that YOU have to get better at your life in some way.

How many times have you heard someone talk about what they’d do if they won the lottery? They talk about buying a big house, expensive cars, luxury holidays and so on.

But what they often don’t realise is that it’s more likely that they’d get killed in a car crash than win millions on the lottery.

OK, so a bit of a morose comparison but there is a better statistic: There is a greater chance of becoming a millionaire business owner than winning the lottery.

There’s over 600,000 millionaires in the UK, or roughly one in every 100 people. Around a third of these people have made their money by starting and growing a business. That means that one in every 300 people is a self-made millionaire.

Now I’m not for one minute suggesting that going into business is the only way for life to improve. Far from it.

Some people look for improved success in relationships.

But if you want your relationship with your partner to improve (or even survive) then a starting point might be to look in the mirror and consider some changes. Make you a better person.

Others look for promotion at work.

You need to work on you to become the most valuable person in the office. Increase your value to your employer and they will either have to promote you or give you a pay rise just to keep you. This is particularly important these days.

One word of advice here: the best person for the promotion isn’t always the one who gets it. You need to be valuable, you get paid for the value you bring to the business.

for life to get better you have to get better
Remember: for life to get better YOU have to get better

You might want to be better at sport. So look for better technique, learn from a coach, study those who are better than you.

If you run a business and things aren’t going so well it’s no use blaming someone else (such as the government or bankers).

You need to start thinking about what you can do differently, you need to work on your marketing knowledge and skills, you need to explore new products or processes, you need to stop thinking that just because it’s worked like this for the last 20 years then it’ll carry on for the next 20.

All of these things start with YOU.

You need to work on your own personal development.

I’m not saying that I have all the answers but if you sit waiting for things to get better then the reverse of that is likely to happen because you’ll be blown around by circumstances.

So if you’re serious about improving your life, start by improving you.

Remember: for life to get better, YOU have to get better.

Got any examples? It’d be great to hear them so feel free to write them in the comments below.

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