Why I’m cynical about politics…

If you’ve read a few of my blog items or even actually know me a little, you might have gathered that I’m somewhat cynical about politics, actually cynical about a few things, quite a few things in fact.

And this is particularly the case when it comes to politics. So please, indulge me in my rant because I do have a point to make…

A couple of months ago we (that is 65% of those eligible) went and voted in the general election hoping to make our lot a bit better.

My take on the last government is that they hadn’t much of a clue when the good times of economic boom (largely fuelled by someone else’s money) came to an inevitable end. Just like the 1970’s the Labour party inherited a favourable economy and by the time they were ousted they’d stuffed it up. The only difference is that last time it was ‘tax and spend’ and this time it was ‘borrow and spend’. Sadly the net result was the same: recession.

But the thing we’re all concerned about is whether the Con-Lib mob can do better.

David Cameron tells us that it’s a mess and that we’re all going to have to muck in, which is great Dave but you’re a multi-millionaire living in a rent-free Westminster terraced house.

George Osborne tells us that the economy is worse than Alistair Darling was letting on (which doesn’t surprise me at all) and that we’re all going to have to suffer tax increases, which is great George but you’re a multi-millionaire living in a rent-free Westminster terraced house.

Can’t quite work out where Nick Clegg is on all of this but he’s not likely to suffer since his father is a multi-millionaire banker who is descended from Russian aristocracy.

And this leads me nicely onto my point and the reason why I’m so cynical on this:

If these guys now in charge of the country aren’t going to feel the pinch (never have and probably never will), how on earth are they going to appreciate what it’s like for the rest of us (bearing in mind that the PM’s salary is just under £200,000pa)?

But it gets better:

Gordon Brown (the guy who made a mess of our economy) is now tipped to be the next head of the International Monetary Fund where he’ll get to play with huge sums of money and bugger about with the finances of other countries.

Nothing personal Gordon, but I wouldn’t trust you to manage a child’s piggy bank!

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